Brunch in Valdosta – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

Surprisingly, Sunday brunch in Valdosta is as elusive as a good Thai or Indian restaurant.   We have been hunting for a reliable brunch spot since we moved to Valdosta a few years ago with not much success. We made the rounds to standard chains (IHOP, Denny’s, Cracker Barrel and Waffle House) and were able to get reliably greasy griddle fare for a good price.   We also regularly hit the fast food favorites, Chick-fil-A and Zacadoo’s (covered in a previous post) that have some of the best breakfast in town.  Unfortunately Chick-fil-A restaurants, like several other local Valdosta restaurants, are not open Sundays.  And while Zacadoo’s has a great Breakfast-in-a-Cup, it still a drive through establishment and not fit for a Sunday Brunch.  Two Friends Café and Kings Grill are two great local places that have brunch menus but are only open Saturdays.

When The Egg and I located at 2953 N Ashley St, Valdosta, GA opened a few months ago, we were excited that Valdosta had finally gotten a fancier brunch place, while albeit still a chain.  The menu can be found at:  Our hopes were squashed when we were presented with food that was just standard breakfast food and nothing too special.  The Eggs Benedict looked awesome but was generally tasteless and seemed like the ingredients had been frozen and defrosted.  The lack luster meal was only made worse by the substandard service we received by an incompetent waitress.  A series of mishaps (no receipt tape, long waits for food and drinks) made it hard to tell whether the managerial staff was disorganized or just inexperienced.  If you are looking for fresh local food, the Egg and I is not the place. IMG_0539

The-Egg-I-Restaurant-Valdosta-GeorgiaWe tried another brunch place this past Sunday when we drove down to The Farm House located right off of I-75 on 5125 Mill Store Road, Lake Park GA.  We were excited!  How could a place called The Farm House not be great local food?  Again, we were disappointed and suffered through another substandard brunch meal. The eggs were runny, the hash browns were dry and over cooked, and the biscuits were just blah.  The only spread available for the biscuits was the unrefrigerated “whipped spread” sitting out on the table.  The only saving grace was the bacon, which was tasty and perfectly cooked.  The online reviews seem generally favorable, so maybe the lunch and dinner meals are much better.  They do not have a website that I can find but you can look up some of the menu items on Urbanspoon:  The only good thing about our trip to Lake Park was that I was able to browse the indoor flea market called The Barn and a large local antiques shop.IMG_0617IMG_0618IMG_0613If you are new to Valdosta, I recommend hitting your favorite chain for the best brunch in town.  IHOP and Cracker Barrel both have great service and decent food.  But if you are looking for a local Sunday brunch place, Valdosta is still coming up short.

Farm House Restaurant on Urbanspoon

The Egg & I on Urbanspoon


2 responses to “Brunch in Valdosta – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

  1. Couldn’t agree more and my experience with the Egg and I was exactly as described. The blandest eggs benedict i’ve ever had. The only options I know is stay home and cook or head over to Thomasville to Liam’s.

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