Zacadoo’s Grille – Home of “Breakfast in a Cup!”

Originating in Valdosta GA,  Zacadoo’s Grille is a local hometown favorite that has recently franchised across the state line into Tallahassee, Florida.  Serving up tasty hamburgers, chicken, and hotdogs, Zacadoo’s Grille has attracted an almost cult-like following in Valdosta.  Just ask any local Valdostan why the like Zacadoos’ and you will likely receive an enthusiastic response followed by “you have to try….(filled in with their favorite menu items.”  In 2012, Zacadoo’s Grille won first prize for best hot dog, best breakfast, and best sweet tea in the annual Valdosta Daily Times Best of South Georgia Contest (reported previously by this blog.) 

Zacadoo’s Grille serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Saturday 6am-10pm, and Sundays 7am-10pm.  Before you go, you can look through their menu items on the website: .

They have three locations in Valdosta and one in Tallahassee:

1202 Baytree Rd, Valdosta, GA, (229) 244-3630

3219 Inner Perimeter Rd, Valdosta, GA, (229) 219-1177

1501 N. Ashley Street , Valdosta, GA, (229)-241-2095

2870 Apalachee Parkway, Tallahassee, FL, (850) 320-6071

The most talked about menu item here in Valdosta is the “Breakfast in a Cup,” which is what we decided to try last Saturday morning after running a local 5K.   We figured we could splurge after burning all those calories.  The restaurant is strictly drive-through and does not have indoor seating, so we placed our order at the window and drove around to await our meals.  The staff was extremely friendly and asked us if we wanted “egg” or “no egg?”  Since I was new to the “breakfast in a cup,” the women at the cash register recommended the “egg” version. 

We received our meals in two large drink cups (lids firmly in place), which fit perfectly in the car cup holders.  We also received two sporks, salt and butter.  The packaging would have made it easy to eat during the car ride home.  In fact, it would be the perfect breakfast for my drive in to work; the cup makes it easy to eat and portable.

Once we arrived home, we popped off the lids and dug in using our sporks.  The “Breakfast in a Cup” consists of a thick layer of grits on the bottom, covered by cheese, sausage, and egg.   It’s a surprisingly simple combination that is shockingly good.  When you stir it all up, you get a cheesy-sausagey-eggy-gritty combination that many locals refer to as “crack in a cup!”  We agree!  For me, the large was a little too much for a normal breakfast and I will order the small size the next time I go for breakfast.

Some northerners may be turned off by the grits, since it is truly a southern specialty, but it really makes the whole experience…and helps to keep all the ingredients stick together as your spork it into your mouth.  “Breakfast in a Cup” is worth a try and you will truly experience breakfast with a unique southern twist.

Now that Zacadoo’s Grille has branched out to the big city (Tallahassee) it is also getting some big press.  Many of the Tallahassee blogs have already reviewed the restaurant (mostly positive) and the local news stations have done stories.  For more reviews that include other menu items, check out our friend at:

And other Tallahassee blogs: and

Local Story on WTXL ABC 27, February 10th, 2012: Zacadoo’s Grille on WTXL ABC 27

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